Episode 23: Cynthia Sley (Bush Tetras) Lost Labels Podcast

Bush Tetras broke onto the scene in a big way with their 1980 debut single, "Too Many Creeps". Released on 99 Records, it is a seminal piece of early 1980s post-punk that ranks amongst the definitive songs of the era. After releasing a string of singles and a live cassette, Bush Tetras split with only a handful of recordings to their name.Fortunately, Bush Tetras have reunited and continued to release music over the years, culminating in the release of a "best-of" box set by Wharf Cat Records in November of 2021. In this episode, singer Cynthia Sley discusses the early days of the band, opening for the Clash, and her lifelong friendship with guitarist Pat Place.Bush Tetras/Wharf Cat Records:https://bushtetras.wharfcatrecords.com/rhythm-and-paranoia
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